Volunteer Opportunities

Want to keep dues from rising? We need assistance with some very small help projects. If you can lend a hand, please let IKO know.
We need someone to organize the SPREADING OF THE MULCH EACH YEAR ON THE TOT LOT. Can you help? Should take 1 hour? We’ll have the wood chips aplenty and provide free coffee and donuts for the day you select, plus you get to meet your neighbors!

You can dump wood chips on the HOA Board President, your chance to get him back for whatever!
We need someone who loves the pool to volunteer to organize getting those DELIGHTFUL POOL CHAIRS AND LOUNGES INTO THE MEN’S AND LADIES DRESSING ROOMS. Yep the sun (UV) all winter long and the rain and dirt make it a chore to clean them each year. This should only take three people about one and a half hours some weekend. Kids can earn High School community volunteer credits. And you help the community! Again free coffee and donuts will be provided and we’ll make it a party.

The Board got the bubbler fountain fixed and working, and the water has passed City and County inspection, but with all the rains this year, the ‘over-flow’ rebar-screen looks like a beaver dam! Anyone who can help organize a few “rubber booted” persons (it involves some water/mud) who can reach, rake and pull twigs, mulch and debris off of the rebar screen at the “bubbler pond” at the corner of Saybrooke Oaks and MidCounty Highway will find a rich reward in free coffee and donuts for the entire crew. Now if this looks too risky from your experience as a “wader” let us know and we’ll get a contractor. I was hoping we could spend the money on a tent for next year’s National night Out though, so, someone walk over there and send us a note, please! It should take maybe one hour tops, unless you really want to “get into it”! We could haul all the debris down to the wooded area behind the trees on the south side of the pool parking lot or leave it for the City to come and haul away. You be the judge!

And then there are all of the various HOA committees (Arbor, Architectural Control, City Liaison, Events, Fence, Neighborhood Watch, Pool) which are always in need of a few good people.