Say "Hello!" to the Saybrooke Playground, our neighborhood's newest amenity, constructed in May 2024. Designed to be a hub of fun and activity for residents of all ages, our playground boasts an array of features guaranteed to ignite the imagination and promote safe play.

There's something for everyone:
  • At the heart of the design is a giant multi-person slide, perfect for racing friends or enjoying a thrilling descent solo. 
  • Nearby, the "Teeter Tunnel" see-saw invites laughter and camaraderie as children balance and play together.
  • For those with a taste for adventure, the climbing ropes offer a challenge to conquer, fostering strength and agility with every ascent. 
  • Meanwhile, the ADA swing seat ensures that every child can experience the joy of swinging freely, regardless of ability.
Our youngest residents have a dedicated play area designed just for them, while older kids will find plenty to captivate their interests too.
We are excited for the entire community to enjoy this new amenity, where laughter echoes, friendships blossom, and memories are made. Let the adventures begin!
Location of playground: